“Back then I owned Mangles, a women’s clothing store and Gumby’s Galleria next door. I needed a builder – I was just a real estate guy. I sold it to Palmer Gillis and he made it look beautiful. We re-did the whole site and transformed it into a functional space that contributed to the energy and activity on The Plaza.”

Bill Ahtes
Salisbury Entrepreneur

“Devreco saved us, that’s for sure!  We have a great working relationship and consider Devreco business partners because they listen to our needs, provide solutions and have helped us grow over the years.  We are looking at expanding again soon and won’t hesitate to turn to Devreco for help.”

Gary Crescenze,
Delmarva Printing

“The thing we respect the most is how Devreco creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels a part of the “team.”  It is refreshing to do a project in which pricing is competitive, the schedule is aggressive and yet the atmosphere on the job remains professional and cordial.  Such a situation is few and far between in the construction industry.

Phil Benvenuto,
Bayside Fire Protection Co., Inc.

“I am writing to express our thanks and appreciation regarding Headquarters Live.  The building looks fantastic and Bayside Fire Protection was proud to be associated with the project.  The project was as well run as any we did last year.  Chris Gilkerson’s involvement with fire sprinkler issues began prior to design to the end of the project with the accelerated occupancy permit issue.  It is rare that an owner/developer/general contractor immediately addresses problems and makes decisions.”

Phil Benvenuto,
Bayside Fire Protection Co., Inc.

“During all phases of the Headquarters Live project, from meeting with Chris for the initial design to completion, it was evident that his enthusiasm for a successful revitalization of Downtown Salisbury was at the forefront of his plan.  Chris’s desire to make a Landmark for the Old Firehouse as Headquarters Live has come to life and will only add to the many amenities we have in Downtown Salisbury.”

Tim Krauss,
Gateway Electric LLC

“In the banking business I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Devreco as a financial client.  Both Brad and Joey are very professional, motivated and easy to work with.  They are detail oriented and make sure they have every “I” dotted and “T” crossed.”

Trent Pusey,
Hebron Savings Bank

“As a business owner I know that location is everything.  Devreco helped me find a home for my gift shop – Angello’s Unique Gifts in heart of downtown Salisbury.  We are fortunate to be a part of a city that exudes energy and activity.  Being located in a downtown that is on the cusp of transformation was the perfect solution for Angello’s Unique Gifts and the revitalization of downtown Salisbury.  Devreco helped us find our nook and I think we fit in well.”

Sandy Fitzgerald-Angello
Vice President/Dealer Operator
Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Devreco team on the Wicomico County States Attorney Office.  I am consistently impressed with the team in their efforts to improve our community.  I have also worked with all of them individually on different projects in the area and all of them are hard-working, intelligent, and action oriented people.  It was a pleasure doing business with them and I look forward to working with the Devreco team in the future.  Thank you for all you do for our community.”

Chris Eccleston,
Delmarva Veteran Builders



“I have never worked with a better group of young professionals.  The Devreco team cares about you and your business.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  They are great business people.”

Rickie Tapman
Tapman’s Refrigeration, Inc.

“I was looking for office space in Salisbury to relocate.   I knew I wanted to be downtown because it is close to home and I like the environment.  The Devreco property was the answer.  As soon as I walked in the door – I was sold.  Brad and Joey went above and beyond with keeping a historic face on an old property while renovating and freshening up the interior.  I feel right in this space and connected with a thriving community.”

Rick Day,
Vision Lodging Solutions

“We as the States Attorney’s office wanted to make a statement to the community and our citizens with taking a run-down building in the heart of downtown Salisbury.  We had reports that this building prior to our occupancy had criminal activities and we wanted to help fight blight in our own community that we serve.  The building facade is something that our employees, visitors, and citizens can all be proud of.”

Matt Maciarello,
Wicomico County State’s Attorney

“When treating children who are victims of trauma you can’t have a sterile atmosphere.  We were given the opportunity to give input on the space and share our needs.  They listened and now we have a kid-friendly space that is calming for the children and their families.  We now have space for all advocates to come together to help these kids tell their story.  It is a dream come true.”

Michelle Hughes,
Executive Director,
Life Crisis Center

“The new State’s Attorney office building helped improve the overall moral of the entire staff.  We are within walking distance to our hospital, courthouses, health department, and social services, and all the other agencies we interact with on a daily basis this improves our overall functionality as an organization.  With new access control systems we can now have more collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and our attorney’s.  Our new conference is large enough to provide training, all hands meetings and roundtable meetings with other departments.”

Matt Maciarello
Wicomico County State’s Attorney