About Us

From the vision to implementation; DEVRECO is your turn-key real estate solution provider.

In 1983, discouraged by the void of full-service real estate development services, our Co-Founder’s Palmer Gillis and Tony Gilkerson created processes to guide clients thru the entire development and construction processes, stretching beyond the traditional builder.  With millions of square feet of real estate and construction transactions experience, our encyclopedic knowledge gives our clients exceptional value.

Your time is valuable and most profitable when working in your business not on your business.

With established time tested approaches to navigating thru the complicated and constantly changing regulatory processes we are able to deliver ideal real estate solutions within budget and on schedule.

Our team is constantly assessing how to streamline processes of delivering custom real estate solutions for our clients. With the ever changing industry landscape we continue to locate new and proactive methods to fast-track the designing, financing and building.

With ultimate flexibility we offer the ability to lease, lease-purchase or outright purchase of buildings. Our goal is to offer a simple and quick solution with no hassle.  Successful professionals save time and money by allowing us to guide thru the development and construction processes; they have forgone wandering thru the unique regulatory processes and not missed opportunities within their own businesses.

We implement your vision and fulfill your space needs in the most efficient and cost effective way.